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37 Wall Street

37 Wall Street, New York, NY, 10005
Rental Building in Financial District
$3,650 - $4,550 | 1 Bed
373 Units | 25 Floors | Built in 1906
Managed By Skyline Developers

4 Active Rental Listings

Date Apt# Rent Beds Baths Months Free Date Available OP Rent Stabilize
2024-02-16 5M $3,650 1 1.0 1.0 Now
2024-02-16 9T $3,995 1 1.0 1.0 Now
2024-02-16 5J $4,050 1 1.0 1.0 Now
2024-02-16 15P $4,550 1 1.0 1.0 Now

365 Past Rental Listings

Date Apt# Rent Beds Baths Months Free Date Available OP Rent Stabilize
2023-11-22 16L $3,195 0 1.0 1.0
2023-11-22 17F $3,225 0 1.0 1.0
2023-11-22 5K $3,600 1 1.0 1.0
2023-11-22 9T $3,995 1 1.0 1.0
2023-11-22 10P $4,550 1 1.0 1.0
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Building Amenities

37 Wall Street, New York, NY Doorman Doorman
37 Wall Street, New York, NY Elevator Elevator(3)
37 Wall Street, New York, NY Gym Gym
37 Wall Street, New York, NY Laundry in Building Laundry in Building
37 Wall Street, New York, NY Live in super Live in super
37 Wall Street, New York, NY Management Company Management Company
37 Wall Street, New York, NY No Fee Building
37 Wall Street, New York, NY Cats Allowed Cats Allowed
37 Wall Street, New York, NY Dogs Allowed Dogs Allowed
37 Wall Street, New York, NY Roof Deck Roof Deck

Building Price Range

1 Bed
$3,100 - $4,000

Broker Fee Savings

1 Bed


Broad St

4 min walk, 0.33 miles

Wall St

5 min walk, 0.23 miles

Wall St

7 min walk, 0.35 miles

Rector St

6 min walk, 0.31 miles

Rector St

4 min walk, 0.3 miles

Bowling Green

4 min walk, 0.13 miles

Building Leasing Office Hours

Monday             10 AM-6 PM

Tuesday            10 AM-7 PM

Wednesday      10 AM-7 PM

Thursday          10 AM-7 PM

Friday                10 AM-5 PM

Saturday           10 AM-5 PM

Sunday              Closed

Building Reviews (4)

Apr 25, 2018



Love:Amenities (group classes are amazing, laundry machines are surprisingly abundant - and they have big ones for your duvet etc)interesting layouts.No awful phones in the apt. They call your cell. Dunno how that works with roommates but for the singleton - awesome!Meh:The apartment was basically not cleaned when I moved in. Painted, yes. but I had to report the grime so they could take a second pass. Which also was not great. My vents are covered in lint and there's bright pint nail polish on some of my bathroom floor. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯The elevators are closer to the front door than the front desk. So I don't speak to the doormen as much - and I'm never sure if my guests/ deliveries will be announced.They don't email when the hot water is out for an hour or a class is canceled. I guess it makes sense because if statistically how many people will notice? But it's a PITA if you're that person trying to take a shower or who dragged her 3-hours of sleep bed outta bed to make 10am pilates. These occurrences are quite rare.Also there's 5 stairs in the front of the building and the doors are so much work. I mean they're not the worst but I like to kvetch.The air shaft windows get like zero light. From about 7am to 7pm I have the same twilight effect.


Hate:The damn dogs everywhere. This one dog on my floor - they let him into the hallway when they get home and he HOWLS. I mean it's like he's right next to me and he's a tornado alert. The couple with a newborn (who I never heard) had to move out because the howling would wake up the baby.Another dog I can hear bark and cry for hour on end. Such a downer on a Saturday.* the vents were NOT sound-insulated and the walls are not thick. You will hear your neighbors to the sides and above and below - including their bathrooms.Appreciate:Management has done everything I've asked for in a very swift period of time. Good people. They nipped the smoking in the bud and now they're trying to go after these irresponsible dog owners!Worried:1) I hear the group fitness schedule might be changing and one of the reasons I got such a pricey apartment was for free pilates/yoga classes.2) They alerted us that the building is no longer rent controlled so all renewals will be at market rates.....If they try to charge 4k for a studio... I can't imagine.

Jan 24, 2018



Used to live here in different units a while ago - i thought i made a review but i guess i didn't. The building itself is nice, amenities are good, one of the few places where it's easy to get an exercise machine and washer/dryer without having to wait for others. The apartments layouts are spacious even though the square footage seems small. The doormen and front desk are mostly good but there were times that the front desk let people up to my apartment without notifying me which i wasn't happy about.


My main complaints lie within maintenance, leasing, and management. When i moved in to one of the apartments, the cleaning job they did was horrible. There was still soap scum and mildew on the tiles/grout, there was a metal hanger stuck under the stove so we pulled out the stove to get it out and found (unopened condoms), (unopened) Kotex, a bra, partially used roll of paper towel, and a lot of grime. Also found garbage under one of the central air units. There were times where i put in work orders for important things such as shower was only putting out scolding hot water, nothing else! It happened a few times where the shortest time i waited was 4 days and longest time was almost 2 weeks. Where was the super and his crew? Usually in the lounge playing pool or hanging around the front desk chatting. Another time there was a problem with the lights not working, took 3 days. Another time the dishwasher was leaking, took 3 weeks. Called management and was told to email him the issues. He would call and say I'd get a prorate on my rent but When id complain about not seeing the prorate, he would say - sure send me the email where i said that. SLICK @$$h0l3Leasing was always a problem. The people wouldn't be in there during office hours, would lose rent checks, etc one of the girls who worked there as actually the girlfriend of one of the owners at the time, not surprised.

Aug 13, 2017



I moved into 37 Wall street a few months ago. While the move itself was a little rocky (but let's be honest, moving anywhere in NYC is going to be hectic), the management team here was extremely resourceful during and post move-in. I have lived in New York for 10+ years now and in Fidi for 4 years and this has been my favorite apartment building so far. The amenities at this building are great: rooftop, free gym, Directv, laundry in building, common area and theatre to name a few. The gym is much better than any free gym I have experienced in a luxury building and comes with all of the machines I need as well as group classes. Building location is also close to all of the train lines and the area itself is growing. There are several grocery stores within walking distance, and a Whole Foods is opening up in 2018 down the street as well. Overall, I would recommend living here to friends and family!

Aug 02, 2017



The apartments are very nice, high ceilings, and decent lay out.


Frustrating building in a way. But the common area hallways are just disgusting. Clear they are never cleaned, carpet may be decades old, and the smell gets into the apartments. Location is great, directly on Wall Street, and common areas are very nice.