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41-42 24th Street, Long Island City, NY, 11101
Rental Building in Long Island City
$3,856 - $4,991 | 1, 2 Bed
421 Units | 21 Floors | Built in 2015
Managed By World Wide Group

3 Active Rental Listings

Date Apt# Rent Beds Baths Months Free Date Available OP Rent Stabilize
2024-01-29 1505-2005 $3,856 1 1.0 Now
2024-01-29 1601-2001 $4,236 1 1.0 Now
2024-01-29 228-928 $4,991 2 1.0 Now

233 Past Rental Listings

Date Apt# Rent Beds Baths Months Free Date Available OP Rent Stabilize
2023-11-01 1109-1409 $3,901 1 1.0
2023-11-01 1601-2001 $4,000 1 1.0
2023-11-01 214- 914 $6,179 3 2.0 2023-11-01
2022-10-11 211- 911 $2,833 0 1.0
2022-10-11 216- 916 $3,298 1 1.0
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Building Amenities

41-42 24th Street, Long Island City, NY Doorman Doorman
41-42 24th Street, Long Island City, NY Elevator Elevator(4)
41-42 24th Street, Long Island City, NY Gym Gym
41-42 24th Street, Long Island City, NY Laundry in Building Laundry in Building
41-42 24th Street, Long Island City, NY Live in super Live in super
41-42 24th Street, Long Island City, NY Management Company Management Company
41-42 24th Street, Long Island City, NY No Fee Building
41-42 24th Street, Long Island City, NY Parking / Garage Parking / Garage
41-42 24th Street, Long Island City, NY Cats Allowed Cats Allowed
41-42 24th Street, Long Island City, NY Dogs Allowed Dogs Allowed
41-42 24th Street, Long Island City, NY Roof Deck Roof Deck
41-42 24th Street, Long Island City, NY Swimming Pool Swimming Pool

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Building Price Range

1 Bed
$2,200 - $3,100
2 Bed
$3,100 - $4,500

Broker Fee Savings

1 Bed
2 Bed


Queensboro Plz

6 min walk, 0.08 miles

21st St - Queensbridge

4 min walk, 0.31 miles

Queens Plz

4 min walk, 0.16 miles

Court Sq - 23rd St

3 min walk, 0.33 miles

Court Sq

3 min walk, 0.32 miles

Long Island City - Court Sq

4 min walk, 0.29 miles

Building Leasing Office Hours

Monday 11 AM-7 PM
Tuesday 11 AM-7 PM
Wednesday 11 AM-7 PM
Thursday 11 AM-7 PM
Friday 11 AM-7 PM
Saturday 11 AM-5 PM
Sunday Closed

Building Reviews (4)

Apr 06, 2018



I do not live in this building and thank God I don't. I came from out of town to check out several properties in LIC today and unfortunately QLIC was on my list. I had contacted several other buildings and had appointments set up which sure enough was easy to do. I tried tirelessly to reach out to QLIC several times via email as well as phone and left voicemails in attempts to schedule an appointment. After not having received any correspondence, I decided to stop by and see if I could be accommodated since I was coming out of town and had limited time. I was told by concierge to call the leasing office to see if they would see me so I called them while standing in the lobby (leasing office is also located in the lobby) and I was placed on hold initially and then told they already had an appointment scheduled and were about to close soon. I explained that I had reached out, got no response and was here out of town. I was asked questions regarding the type of unit I was interested in and my expected move in date. At this point, I was told to come back next week and I explained again I couldn't do that and why I didn't get a response back just stating there was nothing available which is when they proceeded to tell me that they "definitely remembered my name and had called me back" so naturally I asked well why didn't you leave a voicemail and I was told they had left a voicemail. They straight out lied to me because 1. If you remembered my name then you must remember my email and what I was looking for as well. 2. Did the voicemail magically disappear? I find it hard to believe that they actually called me back and left a voicemail after my several failed attempts. I would understand if I showed up without having attempted to make an appointment. The management were unapologetic and frankly didn't really care much for my time. Regardless, I went elsewhere nearby and received professional and personalized service despite not having an appointment. I'm glad I went elsewhere because I will definitely be signing a lease there. If management can't even handle a situation with a prospective tenant professionally and be accommodating then how can one expect anything but mediocrity going forward.

Mar 29, 2018



Update: We have moved into another unit, that is not suffering from water damage. I want to be clear that the STAFF is WONDERFUL in the building from the Front Desk to Maintenance. I wish I could give those guys a rating of their own, which would be 5-stars. The problem lies with the management that seems to have the best interest of the owners in mind with each interaction, not their tenants/customers. We have been able to come to a resolution, simply because we happened to know the right people. The experience of living in this building is getting better by day, now that it doesn't rain in our apartment when there's precipitation.

Mar 05, 2018



For context, my wife and I lived in the building for a little over two years. We were among the first to move in. PROS: - Newer building with lots of amenities. - Just one stop from Manhattan.- The building staff - front desk, concierge, porters, maintenance - are wonderful, attentive and helpful


CONS:- Some in the management group are flat out not nice to be around. There were instances where we witnessed the maintenance manager talking down on the other employees in the building in plain sight. Again, from our perspectives, the rest of the staff were doing their jobs wonderfully.- The same manager above actually shut the door on my pregnant wife while she was carrying groceries into the building.- Management of the building often acted as if they couldn't be bothered with the issues of the residents. Sure, they send email updates about the building and gym schedule every week, but larger issues with your lease, your unit, or other related issues, they would rather not bother. Multiple emails to the management office, followed by a visit to the office were met with eyerolls. We actually have an unanswered email from them about our deposit months left unsettled.For us, ultimately, the building was a nice place to live. The other residents are generally very good and respectful. When push came to shove, though, the cons we had started to notice more and more as time went on, lead us to the decision that we did not longer want to live in the building.

Jan 02, 2018



This was a great property to live in. I enjoyed my two years here and I just moved out and miss it already. The porters/supers are super attentive and fix whatever issue is going on immediately, which is not the case in most buildings in NYC. The facilities are clean and the front desk staff is amazing. I loved the gym and the pool. Overall, it was a great experience and I would recommend the building. If you have the money and/or are willing to split the rent with a roomie, its definitely a place to live in NYC.


I definitely will not miss the price of rent, extremely too expensive, that is the main reason I moved out. I also didn't like that they didn't have screens on the windows, which only brings in more bugs during the summer. I would also suggest that they install a fan in the bathroom, since there are no windows and the bath tubs can be slippery so make sure to place a grip mat, as I fell a few times.