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The Paris

752 West End Avenue, New York, NY, 10025
Rental Building in Upper West Side
$3,295 - $13,995 | Studio, 1, 4 Bed
167 Units | 24 Floors | Built in 1925
Managed By Stellar Management

4 Active Rental Listings

Date Apt# Rent Beds Baths Months Free Date Available OP Rent Stabilize
2024-03-20 752-04K $3,295 1 1.0 Now
2024-03-20 752-PH $4,895 0 1.0 Now
2024-03-20 752-15F $4,995 1 1.0 Now
2024-03-20 752-08C $13,995 4 4.0 Now

385 Past Rental Listings

Date Apt# Rent Beds Baths Months Free Date Available OP Rent Stabilize
2024-02-26 752-18H $4,195 1 1.0
2024-02-26 752-15F $4,995 1 1.0
2024-02-26 752-24F $5,595 2 1.0
2024-02-26 752-06E $5,995 3 2.0
2023-12-29 752-21J $5,595 2 1.0
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Building Amenities

752 West End Avenue, New York, NY Doorman Doorman
752 West End Avenue, New York, NY Elevator Elevator(2)
752 West End Avenue, New York, NY Gym Gym
752 West End Avenue, New York, NY Laundry in Building Laundry in Building
752 West End Avenue, New York, NY Live in super Live in super
752 West End Avenue, New York, NY Management Company Management Company
752 West End Avenue, New York, NY No Fee Building
752 West End Avenue, New York, NY Roof Deck Roof Deck
752 West End Avenue, New York, NY Swimming Pool Swimming Pool

Building Price Range

$2,300 - $3,000
1 Bed
$3,100 - $4,000
4+ Bed
$7,500 - $11,000

Broker Fee Savings

1 Bed
4+ Bed


96th St

7 min walk, 0.25 miles

103rd St

3 min walk, 0.29 miles

96th St

4 min walk, 0.29 miles

Management Notes and FAQs

Because we own and operate our buildings, we do not need to charge a fee when you sign a lease. All of Stellar Management’s rental listings are no-fee rental apartments. In fact, Stellar Management maintains one of the largest collections of no-fee rental units in New York City. We have no fee apartments in over 80 buildings throughout New York City in all five boroughs.

Should the applicant provide complete documentation, application processing, and approval can be completed within 24 hours. We aim to have leases signed within 72 hours of application approval.

Residents are required to provide documentation of an annual income that is equal to 40 times the amount of the monthly rent. For example, if the rent is $2,000.00 a month, an applicant must show an income of no less than $80,000.00 ($2,000 x 40). Combined incomes will be considered for multiple applicants.

Each applicant must provide the following documents and fees:

• A completed application form
• A copy of photo ID and Social Security Card
• An employment verification letter
• Three consecutive pay stubs
• Last two months’ bank statements (must reflect the name, account number, and a minimum balance three months equivalent to the rent of the desired unit)
• Full income tax returns
• Reference from the previous landlord

*Note: When uploading your documents online, upload pay stubs and employment letters under Tax Returns

**Note: Credit score has to be 650+, no delinquents accounts or bankruptcy

A guarantor co-signer must also apply, provide proof of income equal to 80 times the monthly rent, and currently live in the United States.

The standard security deposit is one month’s rent. In some cases, additional security costs may be incurred during the application process. Security deposits earn interest subject to bank regulations. Deposits and interest will be refunded at the end of the lease only if all terms have been fulfilled, and are subject to a 1% administrative fee.

New Residents need to provide certified or bank checks at the time of lease signing. All details will be reviewed prior to signing with a leasing agent.

Building Reviews (4)

May 02, 2018



This building is becoming a nightmare day by day. Construction everywhere and the building superintendent is always doing nothing. Company should take closer look into this and take steps on hiring people without experience

Mar 08, 2018



Since my last review , the Paris has been purchased by new owner . Due to the constant renovations of apts and presently the lobby, normal services have been interrupted. Being advertised as a premium rental bldg with corresponding market rents, but PRESRNTLY not a good value. Hopefully will change after renovations completed.

Jul 28, 2015



The neighborhood is great and the people living here are all respectable, professional, and kind. I've been a resident here for about 2 years now and the most impressing part about living here is the service.The service is the main reason why I can call this place home. It all started with meeting David L. When I first went to look at the place, he answered all my questions and handled all my concerns. However, it was his professionalism and great personality that really made me feel comfortable. From then on I knew I was getting great value.The Management team of Lissete and Tricia are excellent always understanding of my needs as well as responding to my email promptly and kindly.Each day walking in and out the building, I'm always kindly, and personably greeted from Alex to Tony. Even Willy from the maintenance crew is excellent and always with a great smile.If you are looking for a place to live, I recommend to look beyond the great aesthetics of the place, but more importantly the great energy in the people and the team.Thanks for making everyday a great day.

Jul 27, 2015



I have lived in this apartment building for almost two years and I have been very happy here. From the moment I responded to the ad for the building, I have received great service. Manhattan apartment hunting is extremely frustrating, but my experience here was different. David quickly set up an appointment for me to come and see my apartment and showed me around the building. The turn around time between letting him know I wanted the apartment to signing the lease was lightning fast. The usual Manhattan runaround on whether or not we were approved for the place did not exist. The building staff has also been extremely helpful and attentive, especially the crew of concierges. Alex in particular is always there greeting me as I leave out for my day in the morning. He always notices when I have been away on vacation and is just a genuinely nice and helpful guy. The building is quick to fix any issue we might have in the apartment. Residents contact the super through an online system and we are always amazed with how quick he visits to fix whatever issue we are having. The super is super friendly :) he speaks to me and asks how I am even when I see him outside of the building. I love living in this building and I hope to stay here as long as possible!


The issues we have had have been completely minor - a clogged sink or two and an overhead lightbulb that needed to be changed.