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27 on 27th

27-03 42nd Road, Long Island City, NY, 11101
Rental Building in Long Island City
$3,720 - $5,505 | 1, 2 Bed
142 Units | 27 Floors | Built in 2011

3 Active Rental Listings

Date Apt# Rent Beds Baths Months Free Date Available OP Rent Stabilize
2024-01-23 8D $3,720 1 1.0 2024-03-13
2024-01-23 22A $3,858 1 1.0 2024-03-07
2024-01-23 27D $5,505 2 2.0 2024-02-01

91 Past Rental Listings

Date Apt# Rent Beds Baths Months Free Date Available OP Rent Stabilize
2023-09-22 15D $3,912 1 1.0 2023-10-02
2023-09-22 15B $5,205 2 2.0 2023-10-25
2023-05-19 17F $3,867 0 1.0 2023-06-17
2022-12-01 25F $3,390 0 1.0
2022-10-13 7F $3,066 0 1.0 2022-12-10
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Building Amenities

27-03 42nd Road, Long Island City, NY Doorman Doorman
27-03 42nd Road, Long Island City, NY Elevator Elevator(3)
27-03 42nd Road, Long Island City, NY Gym Gym
27-03 42nd Road, Long Island City, NY Laundry in Building Laundry in Building
27-03 42nd Road, Long Island City, NY Live in super Live in super
27-03 42nd Road, Long Island City, NY Management Company Management Company
27-03 42nd Road, Long Island City, NY No Fee Building
27-03 42nd Road, Long Island City, NY Parking / Garage Parking / Garage
27-03 42nd Road, Long Island City, NY Cats Allowed Cats Allowed
27-03 42nd Road, Long Island City, NY Dogs Allowed Dogs Allowed
27-03 42nd Road, Long Island City, NY Roof Deck Roof Deck

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Building Price Range

1 Bed
$2,200 - $3,100
2 Bed
$3,100 - $4,500

Broker Fee Savings

1 Bed
2 Bed


Queensboro Plz

6 min walk, 0.08 miles

Queens Plz

4 min walk, 0.16 miles

Long Island City - Court Sq

4 min walk, 0.29 miles

21st St - Queensbridge

4 min walk, 0.31 miles

Court Sq

3 min walk, 0.32 miles

Court Sq - 23rd St

3 min walk, 0.33 miles

Building Leasing Office Hours

Monday            9:30 AM-6 PM

Tuesday            Closed

Wednesday      9:30 AM-6 PM

Thursday          9:30 AM-6 PM

Friday                9:30 AM-6 PM

Saturday           9 AM-5:30 PM

Sunday              9 AM-5:30 PM

Building Reviews (3)

Mar 29, 2018



The good: Conveniently located to NYC transit, helpful building staffThe bad: Amenities are okay, too much construction going around, not many grocery stores around at a walking distance.The ugly: Worst property management company I've ever dealt with. I would never recommend renting from Heatherwood management and I have dealt with my share of management companies. The property manager for this building is impossible to talk to. I would never recommend Heatherwood management to any of my friends or family members.

Mar 21, 2018



Its BS that the management communicated well with the tenants, unless you mean ignoring phone calls and being rude as hell. Nice try to rehab Heatherwood's deservingly awful reputation so you can push units in your new building. Actual review:If you want all the truth about living in this building, you should also look at the Heatherwood Luxury Rentals Yelp listing (the office is out on Long Island). Bottom line: there are much better places to live in the Court Square / Queens Plaza areas of LIC than 27 on 27th. Heatherwood has shown a pattern of disrespect to tenants in the form of delayed repairs to the poorly-constructed building (3 y/o bldg with repeated long-term elevator outages and gas leaks) and lack of communication with tenants. They won't respond to inquiries even if you call and email repeatedly and when they do provide the rare update, it's vague and noncommittal. Having spoken to residents of other, similar, properties, these issues seem to be unique to Heatherwood and if I were looking for a place, I would look elsewhere!Maintenance issues in just in the past few months: -gas leak that tenants reported smell of not addressed until Con Ed shut off gas to the entire building. Not fixed for five days--no hot water, no heat, no gas.-there are 2 elevators. 1 was out for over a month with very few updates on why it was taking so long. Another has been out for 8 days and will supposedly be fixed this weekend.-both elevators have been shut down or broken simultaneously for at least several hours or longer at least 5 times. This is a 27+-story building. You do the math...-boiler was out during the blizzard and they didn't tell anyone. We had to figure it out on our own because our apartments started getting cold. Some people had snow leaking through their doors into their units. -if you ask for reasonable compensation for these problems, they will be extremely dismissive of you. People in the building talked about taking legal action and maybe some did. -they've fired every single front desk staffer and the super that was there when I moved in. They never introduced the new super to the building.-they raise rent as much as they can get away with under rent stabilization law despite the rampant building problems-they unilaterally amend the lease to add more fees and also threatening letters about short term rentals, even if you have not done any such activity.

Sep 20, 2016



Heatherwood management and building superintendent are the worst!I've lived here for two years and one year too long. Gas was out of service for over 5 days. Elevators have been out of service for over a month at least twice. I have been waiting on a replacement key for over a week now with no word of when i will receive it. The building super left today before 4:30 pm - so I can't ask him.