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Gotham West

511 West 44th Street, New York, NY, 10036
Rental Building in Hell's Kitchen
$$$ | Studio, 1, 2, 3 Bed
14 Floors | Built in 2013
Managed By Gotham Properties


Studio $2,500 - $3,300
1 Bed $3,500 - $4,500
2 Bed $5,000 - $6,500
3 Bed $8,000 - $12,500

Building Amenities

No fee building1 c807a26a6678d87386a46baeec484d24431fda824f9883b57240a95dc9b63430 No Fee Building
Cats allowed1 6e7e007dda6007eba70cedc9f4af97f7117ce5a28d089eabc3527fbd62553648 Cats Allowed
Dogs allowed1 e992bbf1210a4bd8dcbfb1894d6c4eb2ff6505de20b3279cb50b23f01947d4f4 Dogs Allowed
Doorman1 7b12df4b8f6f65106110c00541cc0a7d83381e534888b7dca22961a30606b929 Doorman
Elevator1 8a0844ed2b974e2ad5b940992bf668aaa99083c1966b2996145de90b54c32a5f Elevator(2)
Laundry in building1 dca7ffceed3a108bc8dcef9222cea99fce3871b8f065d56497382379978c9473 Laundry in Building
Live in super1 1049a8b7d2c88f430c633eb52e3057026db42e951267695e21de435f5f742bad Live in super
Management company run1 d03c0696965fde7d421f613a9ac97665a1cfb9d3ca991b56417855b25dda2f11 Management Company Run


42nd St - Port Authority Bus Term

7 min walk, 0.49 miles

50th St

5 min walk, 0.08 miles

Building Reviews (1)

Anonymous1 e2aedd6914f0dfdba2908a97845921571ca79aa87d0c092c8da4a55b9c63a22a


Mar 15, 2015



This review unfortunately is to complain about unnecessary elevator noise heard in my unit since I moved in. I reside in the 511 building. A Studio on the top floor and it is next to the elevator shaft. It is a lovely affordable housing unit for middle income patrons. Since moving in, I have heard loud elevator noises through the walls. The noise occurs when the gears switch to open and close the elevator doors. I have complained 3 times to the property management team with no avail until finally Anthony Grimaldi said he would come to investigate the compliant.Sadly, when Anthony Grimaldi came into the unit to "quantify" the disturbance, it was the middle of the day when the elevators are not active. He set the elevator to stop on each floor however, he did not set the doors to open and close. He stated that "all new elevators make these noises". Where the problem is intrinsic to the elevators he suggested that I move my furniture around and purchase a rug, and that not everyone will be happy living in a large building, and that there would be things I need to get used to living here. He also suggested that they can "open" the walls of my unit and they can add more insulation to abate the noise. That was 4 weeks ago.As a native of NYC, I have lived in many areas. I have lived and visited many apartment buildings, even in this area and 1. The elevators do not make noise 2. In units next to the elevators, they are not disturbed by the elevator. I was ecstatic about the "affordable housing" opportunities made available by the city of New York, and being here since December 5th, 2014, it has been a smooth transition. I thought once I was settled with furniture in the unit, the sound of the gears switching wouldn't bother me and the mass of the structures would absorb some of the vibrations. This has not been the case. I do not believe that ANYONE should pay the large amount of $$ even for affordable housing per month to hear gears shifting in the elevator shaft every time someone goes in and out of the building, to their floors, or orders delivery. I am very disappointed in the way this has been handled by the property manager. I recognize that there may be a lot of complaints, but this is should not be in the standard of Gotham West. I pose these questions 1. Would my complaints be taken more serious if this was the main building on 550 W45th Street? 2. Would you like to live in this manner for 12 months at a facility that more is expected from? 3. Is this what I should expect?