This Price Matrix Is A Reference Tool For Average Broker Fee NYC Rental Pay Outs. 


    You are about to pull the trigger on renting an apartment in New York City but one thing on the top of your mind is figuring out how much cash upfront you are going to need in order to secure that rental apartment.  Top of mind is the broker fee, first months rent, and security deposit which combined is going to poke a massive hole in your bank account.  How much is a broker fee in NYC?  Expect the rental broker fee in NYC to be $2,700 and higher.  How is the rental broker fee calculated?  Of course, you are smart enough to do the math in your head or you can also pull out your phone calculator but wouldn't you rather someone just put together an easy visual average broker fee NYC rental price matrix to use as a reference to figure out how much is a broker fee in NYC instead of wasting anymore of your time?
    As shown in the matrix, the most common average NYC broker fee for a rental apartment is 15% of the cumulated yearly rent.  When the average NYC broker fee is set at the standard 15%, negotiated NYC broker fees can go as far as 10%.  When brokers start to advertise and charge you a broker fee in a 'no fee building', the fee is usually the property manager provided-incentive of 1-month rent which is equivalent to 8.3% of 1-year rent.   
    Now, if you are still in the middle of your apartment search and you want to save a few thousand dollars on the broker fee, check out Transparentcity and sift through the 1800+ no broker fee buildings on our platform.  By renting directly from property managers, it guarantees you bypass the middleman. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about putting down the first month's rent and security deposit.  We suggest asking for a raise or going back to the ramen diet.