So, you're moving to New York City, congratulations! Check out our list for best tips and practices.
5 Things To Know When Moving To New York City:
  1. When moving To New York City, consider this: If your landlord increased your rent and you're main reason for wanting to move is to save money, make sure the costs of moving aren’t higher than your new annual rent.  If they are, then you should try locking in a 2-year lease.  For example, if your landlord raised your rent $100 a month ($1,200 annually) and the move will cost you $2000, it only makes sense to move if you can lock in a 2-year lease. (Selling some excess furniture can help ease expenses!)
  2. When moving To New York City, make sure your new place has great reviews, check resources like
  3. When moving To New York City, bring a measuring tape with you when searching for apartments. Because Brokers are commission based, they prioritize their time and are often reluctant to make a second appointment just for measurements, so make sure to be prepared!
  4. When moving To New York City, timing is everything.  Often people have the misconception that its a good idea to get a jump start on the market and at least start to familiarize yourself with it a couple of months earlier.  This can backfire because rents change with the seasons, so what you are seeing in July will likely be less expensive by October.  We recommend starting between 2-4 weeks before your desired move in date.
  5. When moving To New York City, HIRE MOVERS!  No one in the history of the world has ever said, “Oh i wish carried my sofa up to my 5th floor walk up”.  Your friends will thank you for not asking them, and your future self will thank you for not having to call the chiropractor.  Quick note, make sure you hire a reputable company, and all details are sorted out prior to payment.  I once had a moving company change the price on me mid move from Miami to New york and basically hold my stuff hostage on the highway until i agreed to the new higher price.  Dont let this be you!