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The Fairmont

300 East 75th Street, New York, NY, 10021
Rental Building in Lenox Hill
$$$ | Studio, 1, 2, 3 Bed
470 Units | 32 Floors | Built in 1979
Managed By Glenwood Management


Studio $2,500 - $3,300
1 Bed $3,500 - $4,500
2 Bed $5,000 - $6,500
3 Bed $8,000 - $12,500

Building Amenities

No fee building1 c807a26a6678d87386a46baeec484d24431fda824f9883b57240a95dc9b63430 No Fee Building
Doorman1 7b12df4b8f6f65106110c00541cc0a7d83381e534888b7dca22961a30606b929 Doorman
Elevator1 8a0844ed2b974e2ad5b940992bf668aaa99083c1966b2996145de90b54c32a5f Elevator(7)
Garage1 75e9b196ff8760e963f465953bb4b0235bb0f81a0ae43ff66126ab117b4a788f Garage
Gym1 8d290d8e909f62de70db8cf4d94e307065b3ca5a747dd3c0f81fb31257bb7d5c Gym
Laundry in building1 dca7ffceed3a108bc8dcef9222cea99fce3871b8f065d56497382379978c9473 Laundry in Building
Parking1 75e9b196ff8760e963f465953bb4b0235bb0f81a0ae43ff66126ab117b4a788f Parking
Roof deck1 4d37aa103c4e877e257e5e52e38a718905edd1fbbc9b41733558386bcc8604f5 Roof Deck
Childrens playroom1 e959d3730cdda25a90e206ebb70f51c90eec356ea897fe68bb72f08df200024e Childrens Playroom


72nd St

6 min walk, 0.47 miles

77th St

3 min walk, 0.21 miles

68th St - Hunter College

3 min walk, 0.28 miles

Building Reviews (2)

Anonymous1 e2aedd6914f0dfdba2908a97845921571ca79aa87d0c092c8da4a55b9c63a22a


Jul 14, 2017



Experienced firsthand what people meant when they said to stay away from Glenwood Management buildings, especially the Fairmont. A bunch of arrogant, pompous nobodies, you'd think they'd know how to conduct themselves in a professional manner and want the business from anyone willing to pay for their crappy overpriced unit. Incredibly disgusting attitudes, mainly that spineless male creature that works in the leasing office. Oh and did I mention the numerous complaint and violations the building currently has? Noise Complaints CHECKFilth Complaints YOU GOT ITConstruction Complaints YUPAnd as the previous review already stated if you'd like no heat for a full season, no hot water, and a very long list of other issues to add to your everyday life than by all means rent with them. Why bother going to the fairmont when there's so many new builds in the area.

Anonymous1 e2aedd6914f0dfdba2908a97845921571ca79aa87d0c092c8da4a55b9c63a22a


May 14, 2016



The Fairmont is like a seedy grand hotel in a Wes Anderson movie minus the humor. Poor construction and do-it-yourself "luxury" at white glove prices. Porters stand around and sneer as you carry heavy boxes, doormen call you "babe" or ignore you while talking on their cell phones. Owned by Glenwood Management, whose principals narrowly escaped indictment for allegedly bribing Sheldon Silver and other Albany legislators, so it's not surprising that the building itself was constructed poorly. An entire line of apartments was without heat for days this winter - and then the pipes burst. Kudos to the few folks who behave like human beings in a dysfunctional organization but at these rents, this is theft, pure and simple. Stay far, far away.