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200 West 67th Street, New York, NY, 10023
Rental Building in Lincoln Square
$3,700 - $12,400 | Studio, 1, 2, 3 Bed
310 Units | 43 Floors | Built in 2010
Managed By Rose Associates

23 Active Rental Listings

Date Apt# Rent Beds Baths Months Free Date Available OP Rent Stabilize
2023-07-20 07J $3,700 0 1.0 2023-08-22
2023-07-20 06C $3,850 0 1.0 Now
2023-07-20 09H $4,100 0 1.0 2023-09-05
2023-07-20 05D $4,200 0 1.0 Now
2023-07-20 09E $4,200 0 1.0 2023-07-21
2023-07-20 09J $4,200 0 1.0 Now
2023-07-20 12E $4,400 0 1.0 Now
2023-07-20 11G $4,900 1 1.0 2023-09-05
2023-07-20 02B $4,950 0 1.0 Now
2023-07-20 09B $4,950 1 1.0 2023-08-08
2023-07-20 22H $5,500 1 1.0 2023-08-18
2023-07-20 06A $5,700 1 1.0 Now
2023-07-20 07A $5,750 1 1.0 2023-08-31
2023-07-20 29C $6,200 1 1.0 2023-07-27
2023-07-20 07K $6,500 1 2.0 2023-08-17
2023-07-20 02C $6,550 1 2.0 2023-07-21
2023-07-20 11K $6,750 1 2.0 2023-08-10
2023-07-20 24F $7,500 2 2.0 2023-09-30
2023-07-20 02A $8,000 1 1.5 2023-08-05
2023-07-20 35C $9,450 2 2.0 Now
2023-07-20 39C $9,600 2 2.0 Now
2023-07-20 15G $11,200 3 2.5 Now
2023-07-20 16G $12,400 3 2.5 2023-08-10

1274 Past Rental Listings

Date Apt# Rent Beds Baths Months Free Date Available OP Rent Stabilize
2023-04-04 06C $3,700 0 1.0 2023-06-28
2023-04-04 07H $3,900 0 1.0 2023-05-05
2023-04-04 08E $4,100 0 1.0
2023-04-04 08D $4,175 0 1.0
2023-04-04 03D $4,600 1 1.0 2023-04-23
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Building Amenities

200 West 67th Street, New York, NY Doorman Doorman
200 West 67th Street, New York, NY Elevator Elevator(6)
200 West 67th Street, New York, NY Gym Gym
200 West 67th Street, New York, NY Laundry in Building Laundry in Building
200 West 67th Street, New York, NY Live in super Live in super
200 West 67th Street, New York, NY Management Company Management Company
200 West 67th Street, New York, NY No Fee Building
200 West 67th Street, New York, NY Parking / Garage Parking / Garage
200 West 67th Street, New York, NY Roof Deck Roof Deck
200 West 67th Street, New York, NY Swimming Pool Swimming Pool

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Building Price Range

$3,000 +
1 Bed
$4,000 +
2 Bed
$5,900 +
3 Bed
$9,000 +

Broker Fee Savings

1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed


66th St - Lincoln Ctr

3 min walk, 0.23 miles

72nd St

5 min walk, 0.31 miles

72nd St

4 min walk, 0.11 miles

Building Leasing Office Hours

Monday            10 AM-6 PM

Tuesday            10 AM-6 PM

Wednesday      10 AM-6 PM

Thursday          10 AM-6 PM

Friday                10 AM-6 PM

Saturday           11 AM-5 PM

Sunday              11 AM-5 PM

Building Reviews (8)

Apr 09, 2018



No Pets Allowed. My boyfriend and I found the AIRE listing on streeteasy and decided to check out the apartment. Both streeteasy and AIRE website did not mention it's a no pets building. We were happy with what we saw and submitted the online application without knowing the fact that pets are not allowed in the building. We were charged $100 per person and received a notification later by the leasing office stating that AIRE does not allow pets. The leasing office refuse to return the $200 application fee. Such waste of the our time and money!

Mar 25, 2018



The biggest issue I have with the Aire is that the building management turns off the AC for half of the year. As anyone knows, apts in NYC buildings can get very hot even during the winters. Without any AC in the apts, it was very uncomfortable to sleep at night.

Feb 03, 2017



BE AWARE! The building has very serious air ventilation issue that would damage your health. I have been living here for two years. I often experience drowsiness, nausea, and stomach unease. The situation is particularly bad in the winter. I initially thought it was just me, until my family came to visit, and they started to have similar symptoms. I went to the doctors, and were told that the symptoms are classic response to the oxygen deficient environment due to the poor air ventilation design.During my stay here, I need to clean the floor every two days because the dust builds up so fast. There are so much dust clogging the vent its impossible to clean (please see photo). Sure, the building may look nice on the outside; however if you value your health, then please have some second thoughts about living here.

Sep 13, 2016



Please note NO PETS ALLOWED in this building. I did not get any further than the leasing office: after making an appointment te view an apartment in this building, the first thing I noticed on the information form that I had to complete was that pets were not allowed. The leasing agent assured me that this was clearly stated on the website, but after myself and my husband had a good look at the website, we could not find any mention of this. Waste of my time!

Oct 09, 2015



Don't live here if you value cell phone receptiom because there is none.…

Jul 10, 2015



The building is looking nice from out side, but it has terrible noise inside the apartments , you have to get used to it otherwise it is impossible to live in . There is air pressure from outside when you open the door you have to close the door with force. .....

Apr 27, 2015



The air quality issue is a deal-breaker for me. I have lived here since October and it has really taken a toll on my health. There is a strange air pressure issue in the building where there is high pressure in the hallways and low pressure in the apartments, which creates a wind tunnel and a strange whistling noise-- this is probably a result of poor ventilation in the apartment design. I would not complain about it if it was limited to wind and noise, but it has not only affected my health, but the health of my guests upon sleeping over for a single night. Every morning, I wake up feeling sick, with dry eyes, abnormal lethargy, and nasal and sinus congestion. Since there is "stale air" in my apartment from the lack of ventilation, there is a dust problem in my apartment, as it builds up extremely quickly. There is also probably mold, but I haven't hired an inspector to assess the apartment yet. I thought maybe it is just me, or maybe the problem is just isolated to my apartment, but based on other Yelp reviews, it seems like other people have had similar problems. It is shocking that the management has not addressed this issue in a serious way.

Apr 19, 2015



Great apartment building, staff are friendly and helpful. I've lived here for a couple months now and love the gym, and proximity to Central Park and the metro.