The Addison

225 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11201
Rental Building in Downtown Brooklyn
$2,471 - $5,225 | Studio, 1, 2 Bed
271 Units | 27 Floors | Built in 2011
Managed By Bozzuto Management

26 Active Rental Listings

Date Apt# Rent Beds Baths Months Free
2021-02-18 225-10K $2,471 0 1.0
2021-02-18 225-15N $2,620 0 1.0
2021-02-18 225-09N $2,650 0 1.0
2021-02-18 225-16M $2,680 0 1.0
2021-02-18 225-06K $2,730 0 1.0
2021-02-18 236-05D $2,784 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-10E $3,251 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-12D $3,350 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-03A $3,500 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-25E $3,525 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-06D $3,550 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-11D $3,550 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-09A $3,560 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-19E $3,639 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-23A $3,671 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-09E $3,672 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-02D $3,760 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-21E $3,865 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-26A $3,925 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-03C $4,015 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-09C $4,111 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-19C $4,345 1 1.0
2021-02-18 236-09G $4,803 2 2.0
2021-02-18 225-07J $4,899 2 2.0
2021-02-18 236-17F $5,020 2 2.0
2021-02-18 236-26B $5,225 2 2.0

311 Past Rental Listings

Date Apt# Rent Beds Baths Months Free
2021-02-04 225-10K $2,471 0 1.0
2021-02-04 225-15N $2,620 0 1.0
2021-02-04 225-09N $2,650 0 1.0
2021-02-04 225-16M $2,680 0 1.0
2021-02-04 236-04D $2,899 1 1.0
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Building Amenities

No Fee Building No Fee Building
Courtyard Courtyard
Cats Allowed Cats Allowed
Dogs Allowed Dogs Allowed
Doorman Doorman
Elevator Elevator(3)
Gym Gym
Laundry in Building Laundry in Building
Live in super Live in super
Management Company Management Company
Parking / Garage Parking / Garage

3D / Video Tour (5)

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Building Price Range

$1,800 - $2,300
1 Bed
$2,200 - $3,100
2 Bed
$3,100 - $4,500

Broker Fee Savings

1 Bed
2 Bed


Hoyt - Schermerhorn Sts

4 min walk, 0.22 miles

Hoyt St

7 min walk, 0.13 miles

DeKalb Ave

2 min walk, 0.06 miles

Jay St - MetroTech

10 min walk, 0.32 miles

Nevins St

2 min walk, 0.22 miles

Jay St - MetroTech

7 min walk, 0.26 miles

Building Reviews (4)



May 11, 2018



I've lived here for 3 years. Buzzuto is the new management that runs it and hey have caused A LOT OF PROBLEMS. Here's a list:-management loses lots of emails, or really just ignores them most emails-ignore most phone calls-do not return voicemails-miscalculated deposit multiple times-didn't want to pay me referral fee, took me 6 months to get it-deletes random posts on BuildingLink without any rhyme or reason-negotiated different rents with different residents despite stating they use a centralized system-management will sit in the leasing office and place a sign that states 'they are out showing property'-sometimes they have weekend appointments to show property and they just don't show-they don't address building issues that concern management-they downplay the amount of construction that is nearby. -unfortunately, management is comfortable lying to tenants. :( This is very true and very sad. -some of the photos (like the first one posted by management) is not even if he building?!?-the positives posts are not even from ppl who live here. -so so much more. :/ I have 300-400 emails with management detailing apartment issues that they ignore. Sadly, it's not just me, many residents have issues with management. It used to be better before Buzzuto took over. Management doesn't care.



Oct 31, 2017



it's very convenient area. the subway station is downstairs. 24H lounge and there are coffee and bathroom. Patio&fitness. 24H doorman.Every2month, they provide morning meals.good for family, young professionals. the building make holiday seasons parties.I took 1 star off bc I don't live here. I don't review for the management.



Jun 03, 2017

Tenant: < 1 Year


The building is in a great location, in close proximity to virtually all subways as well as a Target and Trader Joes. Great building for young families and the doormen, and building team are helpful and responsive.


The building managment team is less than responsive. My wife and I agreed to our lease with the understanding there was no construction set to face our windows. Less than a month into our lease, the construction began and the jack hammering created a less-than-ideal environment for our newborn.



Feb 28, 2016



I suspect that the management must have changed since the other negative review. I was a resident beginning in 2014. I have no complaints about the management, and in one instance of unexpected circumstances they were flexible / accommodating which was appreciated. The front desk staff are excellent as far as I experienced. Friendly, seem to know the residents by face. Speaking of packages, the lobby has a daily (at least, weekday) pickup arrangement with UPS, which is obviously useful for returns for example. The maintenance and facility staff is also good as far as I can tell and I recall they were very prompt about fixing even something minorThe building is relatively new- Sound insulation is extremely good- Heating is always sufficient, water heating is quick- Appliances and fixtures are all excellent- etcIf you're considering it, you probably know about the courtyard, which is nice though I never ended up used it (I did want to). Unfortunately things might change for the worse with the adjacent construction but I can't remember exactly how the two buildings would be situated.Expensive but probably not much more than other buildings in the neighborhood from what I remember. Probably above-average in terms of location (compared to the nearby buildings), which can maybe be judged via- Immediate surroundings: OK, maybe not as nice as a few of the other buildings but good that it is near the Smith St / south-of-Atlantic area, Fulton retail area, and the nearby Brooklyn Fare. And of course the surrounding neighborhoods are great and not far- Subway access: Probably has the best subway access in the neighborhood on average, of course this depends on the trains taken. As you can determine yourself it's the same distance from Dekalb Av Q (Flatbush Av Ext & Dekalb) and Jay St AF (Fulton & Jay St). Jay St R is even closer (Bridge & Willoughby for back of the train), and Hoyt 23 even closer (Elm & Fulton for Brooklyn, Duffield and Fulton for ManhattanOne thing is that moving in and out (through the garage) is not easy if you're living in the Schermerhorn tower. But Schermerhorn is a wide street, and if you plan it well it's not bad especially if you have help.

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