As a New York City renter, have you ever thought to yourself: Why do we have to deal with exorbitant broker fees?

We definitely have.

As New Yorkers, we know living in the best city in the world is a privilege, but it's also one that comes at a steep price.  Between our Whole Foods trips, Ubers, and gym memberships (*that never get used*), our cost of living is already sky high.  It makes us question if we really need the added expense and stress of broker fees.

That being said, did you know that over 20% of the NYC rental market can be rented without a broker or a broker fee?  

We know, mind-boggling.

With this in mind, TransparentCity was born.  Catered exclusively to "No- Fee" apartment buildings in New York City, with our main objective being to save renters money and hassle. 

We have the largest database of "No-Fee" apartments in NYC, which allows renters to contact the management company directly, bypassing the broker and all associated up-front fees tenants might otherwise incur. 

With spring and summer upon us, the rental season is about to get as hot as the city does so we invite you and your friends to check us out and save a couple of thousand dollars in the process.