In our research, we found over 100+ of these no fee luxury rental apartments in NYC scattered throughout Manhattan.  Our definition of 'Luxury' is based on a defined rent price range of the apartments and does not take into account individual perception of 'value'.  

This list is comprised of buildings that have been categorized as $$$$.  The price range for each bedroom is as follows:

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 3.44.43 PM.jpg

The interactive list for Manhattan can be further filtered down based on amenities but this is the aggregated picture of every no fee luxury apartments NYC for rent on a map.  


Interesting Trends - Location Analysis

Areas where the no fee luxury apartments NYC for rent are non existent

  • Murray Hill - Kips Bay
  • East Village
  • Lower East Side
  • South Central Park
  • North of 110th Street

The biggest surprise is the South Central Park where billionaires row is and then the Murray Hill - Kips Bay vicinity where there is a huge cluster of rental buildings.  Analyzing it further, South Central Park is mainly comprised of condos and coop buildings where purchases are more prevalent.  It would make sense that property managers are not buying up buildings to then rent.  In the Murray Hill - Kips Bay area, the general target residents of the area are the younger demographic that ranges from out of college to mid 30s.  A $$$$ rental building would not draw as much interest.  

Interesting Trends - Management Company Analysis


Of the 100+ buildings on our site, roughly half of the no fee luxury apartments buildings in NYC are controlled between 6 property managers.

  1. Related
  2. Rose
  3. Equity
  4. Glenwood
  5. Rockrose
  6. Stonehenge

Interesting Trends - Building Analysis


As expected, nearly every building is a doorman/elevator building.  The ones that did not have them are gigantic loft duplex type apartment buildings

Understandably not many people can afford to live in these no fee luxury rental apartments in NYC due to the high price point.  The apartments are expensive enough as is but can you imagine tacking on an extra $10,000 broker fee on top of the monthly rent?