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ATA Enterprises


344 Third Avenue, New York, NY , 10010


Jun 29, 2019

Former Tenant: 2017 - 2019


Great place to live if you enjoy having a bunch of sociopathic pieces of crap as your building management. My husband and I lived here for 2 years and besides the issue of the maintenance staff never actually fixing anything, we had a MAJOR MOUSE PROBLEM. It’s an extremely long story but here’s the short version. We had mice chewing through all areas of our walls. There were droppings everywhere. I was 7 months pregnant. Management (specifically Cathy and Ana) said too bad so sad, we will send an exterminator in TWO WEEKS. Yup. We moved out for two weeks leaving traps everywhere. The exterminator came. Still mice. Management again said too bad so sad. It was our last month living there and they refused to give us our rent money back, even though we physically could not live there. There are a lot more garbage things they did and said to us in this story, but overall they treated us worse than anyone has in our entire lives. I’ll never forget it. Live here at your own risk.