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The Chocolate Factory

275 Park Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11205
Rental Building in Clinton Hill
123 Units | 7 Floors | Built in 1920

Building Amenities

Doorman1 7b12df4b8f6f65106110c00541cc0a7d83381e534888b7dca22961a30606b929 Doorman
Elevator1 8a0844ed2b974e2ad5b940992bf668aaa99083c1966b2996145de90b54c32a5f Elevator(2)
Gym1 8d290d8e909f62de70db8cf4d94e307065b3ca5a747dd3c0f81fb31257bb7d5c Gym
Laundry in building1 dca7ffceed3a108bc8dcef9222cea99fce3871b8f065d56497382379978c9473 Laundry in Building
Roof deck1 4d37aa103c4e877e257e5e52e38a718905edd1fbbc9b41733558386bcc8604f5 Roof Deck

Building Reviews (1)

Anonymous1 e2aedd6914f0dfdba2908a97845921571ca79aa87d0c092c8da4a55b9c63a22a


Oct 31, 2015



Utter garbage. Lived there for years and here are the 2 most salient points to consider before thinking about an apartment there:1) Good luck getting anything fixed - the super is a real gem. Runs the garage downstairs. Had to sue him for damaging my car 3x within 6 months. Have never had to sue anyone before...not a pleasant experience, but I ultimately got the money from him.2) Haven't gotten my security deposit back from the truly stellar new management company that took the place over - KW Property Management. Despite written multiple email promises to return it within '30-60 days,' that timeframe has now passed- I imagine I'll be enjoying the pleasure of their company several months from now when we discuss these pleasantries in front of a judge (or judge-like-individual). The gift that keeps on giving!!!