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573 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, NY, 11211
Rental Building in Williamsburg
22 Units | 6 Floors | Built in 1920

Building Amenities


Lorimer St

3 min walk, 0.23 miles

Metropolitan Ave

4 min walk, 0.43 miles

Graham Ave

5 min walk, 0.45 miles

Bedford Ave

7 min walk, 0.37 miles

Building Reviews (2)



Nov 16, 2016



I lived in this building for close to 2 years and overall had a good experience with the building and with LHR Group. The apartment I lived in was large (esp for NY standards) with nice appliances and the building is also very well taken care of. There were some more minor issues moving in and throughout my time living in the building but we found the management team to be responsive and helpful - Sandy was our main contact and was incredibly helpful when we had questions or needed something fixed. The building is located in a great part in Williamsburg and is as close as you're going to get to the Lorimer L / Metropolitan G stop which is really amazing for commuting into Manhattan or getting around Brooklyn.The building is a great size (only ~20ish units) so it felt more like home and personal for my boyfriend and I. We would definitely recommend this building for anyone looking to move into Williamsburg/Brooklyn and would definitely rent with LHR Group again!



Oct 14, 2015



This has been my worst experience in 10 years of renting in New York City. I've avoided brownstone, walkup, older buildings because of the shady landlords and I ended up with a brand new "Luxury" building with the exact same problems.I was the first to move in to this Luxury Loft building and upon my first month living there a leak had started. It's now 10 months later and I still have the leak in the entire bathroom and foyer of my apartment. Pots and pans on the floor of my bathroom with an already soaked bath mat is not a chic look for spending $2500 on a 250 square foot studio.The owner and management company will answer emails a week later, are completely shut down on Fridays and Saturdays because of RELIGIOUS REASONS but are ready to work for you on a Sunday at 8AM when it should be your day off.The elevator is constantly not working, the broken front doors also have problems and have allowed strangers to enter and steal packages from the lobby. The walls have absolutely no insulation so my energy bills reached over $300 for such a small apartment and mine wasn't even the worst. The hot water doesn't last long enough to fill up the nice large tub. A true Luxury Building goes beyond just a pretty facade. Service, management and professionalism is a big part of it. They fail at all.The management (LHR Group) is completely unreachable even after emails, several calls, and voicemails and will get back to you whenever they'd like, usually a week later. After filing an HP Action against them, they would not provide me with the physical address to serve them the documents from the court order. They've made it very clear that they do not care, they're incompetent, and their extreme Religious views only matter when they're being affected.I would stay clear of this building, the management group and also do research on the owner since they change the name of the company/management group so that you can't follow their prior failure on other buildings they own/manage.A complete failure.