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112 Eagle Street

112 Eagle Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11222
3 Units | 3 Floors | Built in 1899

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Greenpoint Ave

4 min walk, 0.36 miles

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Mar 31, 2015



Insanely overpriced, noisy, incompetent management/staff, poor security, ridiculous roof access rules, poor location, poor quality finishing, late fees, shady lease contracts... what ever you do, DONT move here. Its built on land which is zoned for rent stabilized by the City of new York, but you sign a waiver when you get a lease that makes your legal rent 50% higher than what you agree to actually pay, so basically at any time they can just decide to charge you 50% more and you have NO LEGAL RECOURSE. This is how the inital developers were able to sell the building for $38M - a rent stabilized building is seen as a liability for a buyer. The building was sold shortly after every unit was finally occupied to STERLING RESIDENTIAL MANAGEMENT (aka the Wilpons of NY Mets fame). There was a major flood which caused elevator damage early on, and problems with the heaters/gas. Most tenants only stay one year then leave. The building now has bed bugs and cockroaches/waterbugs. Nobody wants to live here except fools with too much money who wanna look cool (I should know, Im one of them) so many units are always open.The units are OK, looks nice at first sure but the finishing is actually cheap and just made to look nice, its not actually good quality. It all falls apart with normal use. Walls/floors are thin. Hope you dont sleep lightly. Laminate hardwood floors and cabinets already peeling after 1-2 years of use. You cant get packages delivered here because they get stolen or lost so I hope you have a PO Box or a friend to get your mail. The building is now like a 1984 surveillance state with cameras on every floor and in the elevator all wired up to the internet for "security." If you know anything about networked security cameras in the year 2015, this means some creep out there is probably watching you do your laundry. Nice. There is a "Virtual Doorman" which is probably the most useless thing ever - its literally some lady sitting in a remote office which you interact with via whats basically a crap version of Skype. UPS/Fedex is supposed to leave packages in a package room, but because the drivers have no patience for some Virtual Doorman to maybe buzz them into it or maybe not, they just leave packages in the lobby where pretty much anyone can just grab it. The video intercom itself often broken or glitched out. The buzzers are totally confusing and you have to enter a code which corresponds to an apt number. Good luck getting that late night taco delivery if the delivery guy forgets his cell phone. Management company doesnt answer their phones either, they just sit in their office, let the answering machine take your call, and if they feel like it they MIGHT call you back at their convenience. Basically you pay a HUGE premium to be treated like dog poopoo by the people who take your money and laugh all the way to the bank. Oh and your rent will be raised 5% every year, guaranteed. And electricity costs are staggeringly high for an apt, like $3-400/month to use the central AC in the summer. I found a used condom in the stairwell once. Elevator breaks down all the time. And the parking garage costs extra. They charge $100 late fee if you pay rent after the 1st. And the laundry room and gym require an electronic key which costs $25 each and you only get ONE. And.... And..... and.....