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330 East 77th Street

330 East 77th Street, New York, NY, 10075
Rental Building in Lenox Hill
20 Units | 5 Floors | Built in 1900

Building Amenities

Elevator1 Elevator(1)


72nd St

6 min walk, 0.47 miles

77th St

3 min walk, 0.21 miles

86th St

4 min walk, 0.2 miles

Building Reviews (1)



Apr 04, 2018



If you're looking at apartments in the Upper East Side, look elsewhere. HRM Management owns 330 East 77th St, which is where I lived for a while. This review is a long time coming. TLDR? Avoid. Avoid every building HRM manages. Avoid Claudia who works there - she's cruel, and avoid the super at 330, who is uncaring. When I moved in, there was literal sewer gas venting into my apartment. It took me months to actually get someone in to fix the problem. I had to even get the city involved, because HRM Management refused to do anything about it. They essentially accused me of making up the problem and were nearly impossible to get a hold of. The smell got so bad that, after putting on clean clothes that had been sitting in the apartment for a day or two, I'd find that the smell would cling to them and would be noticeable even after I left the apartment. That is absolutely an un-liveable state for anyone. Finally after about six months and me preparing to break my lease and seek legal assistance, they sent a handyman. I followed him onto the roof and he fixed the problem in under 5 minutes. There was a sewer gas ventilation pipe that ran from underground up through the building and to the rooftop. It was thoroughly blocked with garbage that had been thrown down it, which was causing the gas to leak out on the ground floor, where I lived. I received no apology, nothing. Soon after, I received a new lease for the following year, and rent had gone up by $200. The lease came in so late that I essentially had a few days to either re-sign or find another apartment. One doesn't just find a new apartment in Manhattan with such short notice. This, by the way, is illegal. Claudia, at HRM, ignored all of my calls. I literally had to go to the HRM HQ to complain, in person. Not surprisingly, Claudia was in fact there, right by her phone. One time, a neighbor right across the hall threw away some glass bottles in the regular trash (he didn't recycle them). The superintendent, taking out the trash from the communal dumpster, opened the bag and went through the trash to find what I assume was an addressed letter identifying whose trash it was. She then proceeded to - and I'm not making this up - *bring the trash back inside and dump it on the floor in front of my neighbor's door*. Which, conveniently, was also in front of MY door. And, even better, my neighbor was on vacation. Days went by with open garbage festering in the hallway before *I* was forced to clean it up. This seems like an absolute joke, but I assure you, the nightmare that is HRM is very, very, real. These are just a few of many problems. Expect things to never get fixed. Expect cockroaches. Expect some of the most obnoxiously rude and uncaring superintendents and property managers in the history of New York. Expect your rent to go up drastically in the 11th hour when you have no time to commit elsewhere. Expect shady tactics all the way through. Trust me. You can do better than this.