We've all been there, right?  You read a rental listing and you dread the 'bait and switch'; or you read the rental listings description and it sounds amazing... Only to realize the listing agent must have studied poetry because they somehow convinced you that the hovel you're standing in is actually Gracie Mansion.
Below find our list of common "Broker-isms" that you see in rental listings:
  • Cozy = Small
  • Character = Unrenovated
  • “I’m sorry that is no longer available”= that was taken a year ago but I'm too lazy to take it down and it helps me generate leads
  • Steps away from (insert famous landmark here) = very close to whichever monument, but this one you should probably be wary of because it's actually illegal for brokers to use this phrase because it violates fair housing laws.  If you're working with a broker that advertises this way you should probably be a bit weary.
  • Deco Fireplace = It's decorative, it does not actually work
  • Affordable = you might be paying less than expected, but remember in a place like NYC, you always get what you pay for and there is no such thing as a free lunch!
  • "Up-and-coming neighborhood”= while this may be true, you should probably do a little research before committing… and maybe invest in some pepper spray

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These are just the most common ones if you feel like you have seen others in rental listings, feel free to share yours at hello@transparentcity.co !